Substak - Modal [adpt017]

    Substak – Modal [adpt017]

    Modal. What does it mean? Modal could be Jazz, but there’s also a Modal Logic, and there are Modal Verbs of course. But listening to the new release by Substak for Adeptlabel I actually think in Modal Fabric.

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    Tarmac Reshapes/Gongu Sets Adeptlabel Catalogue

    Tarmac reshapes/Gongu sets Adeptlabel Catalogue Traktor Remix Set

    When it comes to our mind how to enhance the label content in the last few months, Gongu and Tarmac were giving shape to an ambitious plan: they were setting up a live show in which a bunch of sounds would interact each other in perfect harmony and beat.

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    Gongu - Remiscere Sonus [adpt016]

    Gongu – Remiscere Sonus [adpt016]

    Exclusivesly live recorded, Remiscere Sonus is purely Techno. Well, this kind of blurred Techno that we really love in Adeptlabel. Gongu had enough perseverance to give us his own particular vision of our catalogue.

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    Kraut Sounds - Deep Sky EP [adpt015]

    Kraut Sounds – Deep Sky EP [adpt015]

    Kraut Sounds lives the night. Perhaps, it’s his natural behaviour. He moves comfortably between the degenerate nightlife and the low light of the dawn. Sparkles and shades.

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    Tarmac + El Fulmindor - Blast Yo [adpt014]

    Tarmac + El Fulminador – Blast Yo [adpt014]

    Everybody knows about German platitudes: reliability, efficiency and zero imagination. At the same share of topics, Jamaicans have had just the opposite: joy, laziness and partying.

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