Adeptlabel artists, Substak and Tarmac, featuring in Rajatapaus Recordings sampler

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen is the man behind Rajatapaus Recordings. It´s a great pleasere for the adeptlabel staff to introduce his last project because, two of the artists releasing music with us, Tarmac and Substak, has some tracks included in the first release in Kervinen´s label named Hyppy. We’ve talking a little about this new brand project with the man himself.

AdeplabelStaff What´s Rejatapaus Recordings?

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen Rajatapaus Recordings is a label focused on “borderline case” music, the gray area between different genres. It will be expanded various ways, podcasts, DJ mixes and possible live shows streamed on Internet

AS How do you get in touch with Substak? 

JPK I met Kostas through vAaristyma members, after Kostas had made few remixes of their tracks. vAaristyma is Finnish duo making experimental/minimal/techno with analog devices, I had worked with them earlier, our second collaboration/split EP will be soon available.

AS What do you expect from this project?

JPK My goal is spread music, various ways, mostly digital downloads, podcast/radio and streaming. With Rajatapaus Recordings it means spreading Rajatapaus music.

Substak´s tracks are already released in his eps for Adeptlabel and Tarmac includes new tracks, long time recorded in his HDD but Hyppy also includes tracks from vAaristyma and cR​-​teK. This last is one of Kervinen´s  pseudonyms.

Enjoy yourself!


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