Idiosyncrasy and a guide to download releases

How we manage the downloads:

Both the netlabel and the artist are giving for free their music. We have set up a system to request a valid email address of our fans for two reasons.

  1. We want to track how many people and how many downlaod requests are given.
  2. We want to keep our fans updated sending a newsletter.

First things first: we do not share to anybody email addresses and they can be deleted. When? We sent our bulletin bi-monthly. Just before the newsletter is sent, the newsletter system imports the collection of email addresses from this period of time. Once you get your first bulletin form us you could unsuscribe from the bulletin itself. There’s a link at the end. If you decide to do this your email address is deleted permanently.

We think we are on our best behaviour doing this. Finally, we think it’s fair on our fans.


In order to download a release:

  1. Go to the release page of your choice. Choose the file format you prefer: flac(loseless) or mp3 (320kbps).
  2. Fill up the form wih a valid email address.
  3. Click on the submit button.
  4. Open the email. You wil get it from our main account: Check your spam if you do not get it.
  5. Click on the link provided to download the file. Attention! You must use the same computer and the same browser session that you submitted your email address from to access the file. Use the “new tab” functionality of your browser to copy the link from your email client directly on your browser.
  6. Hopefully your download will start.

Check the video!

youtube video capture


Whether you’ve got problem you can contact us or you could reply the email sent by the download system.


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