Tarmac reshapes/Gongu sets Adeptlabel Catalogue Traktor Remix Set

When it came to our mind how to enhance the label content in the last few months, Gongu and Tarmac were giving shape to an ambitious plan: they were setting up a live show in which a bunch of sounds would interact each other in perfect harmony and beat.

Tarmac reshapes, Gongu sets Adeptlabel Catalogue

Tarmac Reshapes/Gongu Sets Adeptlabel Catalogue

In the ongoing process of shaping audio clips, writing midi sequences and polishing the overall sound, they began to put together a large collection of pieces so they decided to release part of this material, so producers and djs could use these pieces to customize his songs and shows.

And what a better idea to include those pieces from the netlabel catalogue! We were asking permission to the artists that have given form to the Adeptlabel releases. We were going to pay tribute to their sound and effort. At the same time, we consider this as an extra gift to our fans.

At musical level, the aim was to get some padded sounds that would fit into any given heavy beat or groove. Gongu chose his favorite tracks from the label and Tarmac reshaped their sound and, here it is the result. A little Traktor remix set including 26 loops and sounds, from riddims to stabs and from pad sounds to hihat loops. Sounds and loops are carefully arranged in the grid so they are easy to shoot within each dj session.

So we are pleased to give away this Tarmac reshapes/Gongu sets Adeptlabel Catalogue. Enjoy it!

Words by Tarmac

[download_drpbx file=”https://www.adeptlabel.com//wp-content/uploads/media/tarmac_reshapes_gongu_sets_adeptlabel_catalogue.zip” title=”Tarmac reshapes/Gongu sets Adeptlabel Catalogue Traktor Remix Set”]

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  1. Sadio says:

    Muchas gracias por el remix set, y felicidades por los sonidos y el net label

  2. Pablo says:

    Me gustan los remix set , muy buenos

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