Alexander Dahlmann – Pendulum Waves [adpt012]

A little more than one hour of music between narcotic tracks and dubwise sounds. This is the new adeptlabel release, number twelve.

The set begins with FC Patch. Alex says the track is named after the fact it was made with “one of my first Chord Patches on the modular system called Elektor Formant“. We think this song is made for walking . The heavy beat inside of the patch will keep your pace.

A little interlude called In a State of Dreaming is the next one, followed by Float, a truly masterpiece. “It features, Michi, a friend of mine playing the shruti box… While I was recording the main reggae style loop I already had the idea to make use of the Shruti for that song, so I introduced him to the instrument letting Michi be part of the session. Then we recorded it and he did a first take solo with the electric Shruti modulating the oscillators. I played the main chords with the mechanic Shurti” says Dahlmann.  Float showcases Alex talents for creating a fascinating sonic texture.  He makes it work wonderfully without anything more than a little instrument and a little melody.A tense amalgam between reverberation and echoes features Time & Space. It is a classic reggae rhythm with a heavy bass on top of all the ambient layers. An equal direction takes the next tune, Log Fire, establishing mercurial rhythms alongside a two-hit bass tone. The track is confusingly simple, maybe we can could define  it as “loopy” but there’s a lot happening under the surface. A lot of crackles, noises and weird things going on and on. 

A great mixture of a  mercurial rhythm,  arctic ambients and liquid stabs is what you’ll find in Scratch Surface which is the last regular track. The album alternates dubby songs with ambient pieces. The structure takes the listener to a quiet world. This nature of the album works to its advantage. At the end, there’s a remix of FC Patch by Tarmac with a self-explanatory name: Storm remix.  It’s a tribute to our environment.  The graphic work is made by Roberto Villoria,  founder of Creático Comunicación, who could be considered as one of the originators of Adeptlabel.

We hope you will enjoy as much as we do.

 Text by Eduardo Garcia

Picture by Creático


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