Kraut Sounds – Deep Sky EP [adpt015]

Kraut Sounds lives the night. Perhaps, it’s his natural behaviour. He moves comfortably between the degenerate nightlife and the low light of the dawn. Sparkles and shades.

Blue Sphere has something of those 20th century seedy and beautiful parties, with piano musical notes and flamboyant playboys that have just walked through Cannes. While somebody looks into a future like a great unknowing person who does not even ask permission to leave the table. Like a weird party made of cocktails and black caviare.

The contemporary classicism. Sea of Fog is irrationally animal. A deep-seated and motherly partial structure made of all these mechanisms that have led us to dream and understand. Water and night. Shifting Winds are a bunch of machines stretching out their regular tendency to change life. A little controlled detonation. An absence.

All these moments when everything changes its direction like a pack of cards used for the first time, only to realize that our own inertia does not work properly.

With an incomplete delirium in grey fields of tuberculosis hospitals. Everyone coexists with a blooming factory which will change the face of the Earth. Between a Berliner and a Londoner. In the middle of the social change, in the very heart of the set to music Western world. Walk on Air is the crunch of the moisture, the unbelievable need to connect with another human being through the warmest machines and cold hearts by frosts of our past.

To go anyway, to close a certain circle never opened. To look behind and feel the air like a heavy riddle, difficult to change. To float between dogmas and feel that some musical forms rub a visionary communication of something that has not come yet. A Victorian and asexual pleasure consist of being a little less basically. Kraut Sounds practises the night.


Art by Erik (Kraut Sounds Jr.)

Words by Julio Cesar Alvarez

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5 Responses to “Kraut Sounds – Deep Sky EP [adpt015]”

  1. kraftraum says:

    A great production with a beautiful reverbwork.


  2. Nox_Populi says:

    Ethereal and suggestive landscapes made of piano bits. Wonderful work.

  3. Kraut Sounds says:

    Thanks a lot! You’re right. I tried to build these tracks like landscapes.

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