Substak – Touching The Lab [adpt004]

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Dear listeners (and readers too), today you will find the Substak’s first release, the Greek Connection at Adept. As you well know, borders do not hold sound. Sounds very nature tends to make it move wide and unfettered. From Greece to Spain, the journey could be by sea (mediterranean), thus has been the most common way. Although it is clear that the trip can also be ground (European) and even air.

One of the fundamental elements of classical Greek tradition is, without doubt, travel: both physical and intellectual movement and change. From the “panta rhei” (“everything flows”) of Heraclitus to the Homeric travels of Ulysses, to the fast exchange of ideas of Platonic dialogue to the rigorous analysis of the Aristotelian movement.

The trip suggested by Substak is paradoxical. At first glance, it is not a trip at all. There is no movement. There is order and a kind of stasis. But these aspects are not rigid. They are very flexible, porous and open to the listener. Not only open, they invite him to complete this journey. In its formal austerity, Substak offers audio hints… clues, as if it were an Oracle, which the listener must use to find his path, asking the questions necessary to follow it. It could be the other way around. Perhaps it is Substak asking the questions and it is the listener who must answer them to move forward… In any case, and as you may have inferred, Substak does not offer us a single path for a round trip, but a personal path discovered by each of us, determined by our own choices and composed of many trails we wander.

Jorge Villasol

Translated text revision by James Dixon

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