Tarmac + El Fulminador – Blast Yo [adpt014]

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Everybody knows about German platitudes: reliability, efficiency and zero imagination. At the same share of topics, Jamaicans have had just the opposite: joy, laziness and partying. Thesis and antithesis. But the never-failing and often wacky popular wisdom says the opposite ends are attracted as well. And these remote ends (also geographically) collided musically in the late eighties with such a huge outcome and vital consequences for the History of popular music. Synthesis.

We are not here to tell that story because it is well known between well-minded people. Here we are to tell loud and clear that this marriage between Germans and Jamaicans did, does and will do the very vigorous mixed offspring.

And this is how we’ve arrived until today when we must introduce you the brand new and needful work by Tarmac and El Fulminador. I’m telling you the truth: these two guys have spent many years cooking Jamaican food in German ovens. They really know what they are up to, and I can declare that the product you’re about to consume cannot be tastier.

The menu is as follows: a double first course, a vocal and an instrumental cut. Second course is a highly nutritive, cosmic and liquid variation on the main track. And Substak, the greek connection at Adeptlabel, has taken over the essential desert. This menu will be one of your favorites for a long time.

Schweigt jetzt und hört zu. Guten Appetit.


Art by El Fulminador

Words by Jorge Villasol

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