Tarmac – The Fog 0 Collection [adpt008]

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Hard times. Last months have not been the best for Tarmac. Some of his sadness is reflected the way the tracks are composed and arranged. That is truth but there´s something that let the people think that better times will come. We just add a “maybe”.

Post was out of the collection at the very beginnings but a happy incident in the studio turn around completely the melodic part and magic happened suddenly. They way to find this magnificent accident is an open minded way of musical production and not less hard work on a daily basis since more than 10 years. It´s a fully detailed track that could be listen in both vertical and horizontal positions. Following Post is Rare Disease in which some parallelism arises with artist´s situation. There´s a hidden collection of tracks inspired by the illness that affects the author of this track. This is the first, and perhaps, the only one that will be published.

Next in the track list is Eros that was arranged live. The inspiration comes from a conversation with Am.Light about the way to make their tracks sound fresher. What better way of finding inspiration for your own music that talking to another musician. The result is a track full of effects with a deep and rude attitude.

And finally, closing The Fog 0 Collection is Prosperity. Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving and good fortune. That´s the way Tarmac seeks his part of it, producing a song full of vitality. A dreamy song that makes the end of this eighth release at Adeptlabel.

Last but no least is the mastering work giving the program a great finish and a full dynamic range, all done by the llamaza, a crucial member inside the outfit.

Text by Jorge Villasol

Photo by Sandra Garcia

Graphics by Eduardo Garcia

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