Volunteer – Edges and Vertices [adpt010]

[download_drpbx file=”https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27604561/Audio/ADPT%20010/%28adpt010mp3%29.zip” title=”Volunteer – Edges and Vertices (mp3 320)”] [download_drpbx file=”https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27604561/Audio/ADPT%20010/(adpt010flac).zip” title=”Volunteer – Edges and Vertices (FLAC)”]

Volunteer has thrown us to perfection. The sound is warmer than these human beings dying and annihilated in their empty homes of inaudible white noise. Organic atmospheres are ready to get rid of the days, the shadows and this rare way of life set to sink into oblivion like music covered by a soft camera cloth. 

In Edges and Vertices, the reality and the vibrant sound of the technique is truer, purer more honest than the inertia of the acts that involved the citizens resigned to their lonely helplessness. Soft distortion, several kinds of arrhythmia and harmonic chaos… all these little nail-biting and dark details could save a whole life. Volunteer’s sound is something like a not-to-broadcast Revolution. His sound is the one of the quietest streets,, the one of desert urban scenes like the real life. Too much simulation and too much fakes waiting to be buried deep. The lack of words in the roaring machines are anything but the need of a primitive and collective cry. A private desire of being far away, in a place where life is not a luxury but a great route through explosive feelings. 

While Volunteer is pulling our hair out with its epidermic and mechanic sensation, a little part of us will remain intact, safeguarded in a little nook of a safe deposit room made of aluminum. Welcome to a distorted landscape in a century that is committed to squeeze our throats and censor our feelings. Welcome to sounds that wish to rebuild our way of life. Welcome to The Shortcut between music and soul, that is to say everything that electrified Schopenhauer.

Let me introduce you the new adept artist and his work: Volunteer. In Edges and Vertices we make a trip across the echo sound and sonic textures. Listen carefully to the tracks, paying attention to the details. Naming of the tracks after triangle geometry elements is the inspiration of graphic work of the tenth release at adeptlabel. Volunteer himself talks about it: “I think it is good representation of a solid reduction to what I would call ‘essence’ of that project”.

As always the sound has been mastered by llamaza. Too much lows and too much highs has been the philosophy in this work. Enjoy the music.


 Julio Cesar Alvarez

Translation & Graphics by Eduardo Garcia



4 Responses to “Volunteer – Edges and Vertices [adpt010]”

  1. Allen says:

    Fantastic sounds and I really appreciate you releasing for a free download.

  2. misha says:

    Nice release. Strict and discreet. Viscid dub-techno warms up to dense volcanic clot, which erupts in “scalene”, distorting the whole release into monumental dub-action, and then descent to slow-motion muscular finale. I like Volunteer for this wringed sound and electricity

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