Volunteer – Sacred Borders [adpt018cd]

At least once in a last time you have to fulfill your most intimate dreams.

We are in the middle of a thing that can grow bigger. Volunteer gives shape to nine wordless tracks to build a set called Sacred Borders. Starting with a heavy and full of rustiness ambient track, Untitled 01 is pure melancholy. But the album is not thematically an homogeneous entity.  Clocking in at 119 BPM, Untitled 03 exhibits a gorgeous rhythm, with a pair of synthetic asynchronous claps. All tracks are fully enjoyable on a base level for anyone interested in Volunteer’s signature sound, but our favorite one is the sixth track. A clever mix of melodic parts and a simplistic groove that appears to go back and forward would give the listeners the opportunity to feel strong the music. Untitled 06 test its validity both at home or in a club.

So, Volunteer  does it.

Maybe Untitled 07 makes reference to “the physical and mental borders human beings search to breach, push and overcome” as Volunteer says in the linear notes of the cd.

volunteer sacred borders adpt018cd_frontYes, that’s the first physical cd release from Adeptlabel! We’re are also introducing our shop, where you can buy a copy which includes a free code to download the a digitial release edition as in mp3 320kbps and/or FLAC format. Inside the zips you’ll find music plus digital graphics and more info. Lastly, you could find our Shop FAQ here. We need to thank to all people involved in this situation. I know them, but you could check it directly in the inlay, so get your copy!

Sacred Borders is certainly a pleasant listen that seems designed for easy repetition, played over and over again, and the listener will find beautiful and detail layers of sound every time he gives a new chance to the album.

But you could dream more than a time.

So, great.


Text by Eduardo Garcia

Illustration Alfredo Santos

Layout by Roberto Gonzalez

Music by Volunteer


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