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Volunteer – Sacred Borders [adpt018cd]

volunteer - Sacred Borders [adpt018cd]

At least once in a last time you have to fulfill your most intimate dreams. We are in the middle of a thing that can grow bigger. Volunteer gives shape to nine wordless tracks to build a set called Sacred Borders. Starting with a heavy and full of rustiness ambient track, Untitled 01 is pure […]

Substak – Modal [adpt017]

Substak - Modal [adpt017]

Modal. What does it mean? Modal could be Jazz, but there’s also a Modal Logic, and there are Modal Verbs of course. But listening to the new release by Substak for Adeptlabel I actually think in Modal Fabric.

Gongu – Remiscere Sonus [adpt016]

Gongu - Remiscere Sonus [adpt016]

Exclusivesly live recorded, Remiscere Sonus is purely Techno. Well, this kind of blurred Techno that we really love in Adeptlabel. Gongu had enough perseverance to give us his own particular vision of our catalogue.

Tarmac + El Fulminador – Blast Yo [adpt014]

Tarmac + El Fulmindor - Blast Yo [adpt014]

Everybody knows about German platitudes: reliability, efficiency and zero imagination. At the same share of topics, Jamaicans have had just the opposite: joy, laziness and partying.

Am.Light – Forgotten Land [adpt013]

Am.light - Forgotten Land [adpt013]

Welcome back Mr. Light. It’s been a long time since his first release by Am.Light for Adeptlabel, but we think we are fully rewarded. Forgotten Land is following Up then Back released almost a year ago!

Alexander Dahlmann – Pendulum Waves [adpt012]

Alexander Dahlmann - Pendulum Waves [adpt012]

A little more than one hour of music between narcotic tracks and dubwise sounds. This is the new adeptlabel release, number twelve.

Kraut Sounds – Arctic EP [adpt011]

Kraut Sounds - Arctic EP [adpt011]

Arctic EP will refresh us when the weather is hotter. This is little set of tracks from Kraut Sounds, a Münchener musician that has been “playing music for a very long time, in the 90ies in a local Psychedelic Kraut Rock band with lots of improvisational stuff and strange sounding experiments.”

Volunteer – Edges and Vertices [adpt010]

Volunteer - Edges and Vertices [adpt010]

Let me introduce you the new adept artist and his work: Volunteer. In Edges and Vertices we make a trip across the echo sound and sonic textures. Listen carefully to the tracks, paying attention to the details.

Tarmac – The Fog 0 Collection [adpt008]

Tarmac - The Fog 0 Collection [adpt008]

Hard times. Last months have not been the best for Tarmac. Some of his sadness is reflected the way the tracks are composed and arranged. That is truth but there´s something that let the people think that better times will come. We just add a “maybe”.

Substak – Noise Panorama [adpt007]

Substak - Noise Panorama [adpt007]

Ambient, noise, machines and finally nature. Substak presents his new and long awaited release for Adeptlabel, alongside a Tarmac´s forest remix. Some months ago when the music was given to the netlabel to make the master tracks the situation was quite a different one. We do not know if it’s better then or nowadays, or if it going to get worse and worse… but the music proves an important role in everybodies life so this tracks could help to understand our environment in a better way.

Adeptlabel Night at Switch Bar

flyer adeptlabel night switch

Adeptlabel Night at Switch Bar / Barcelona First Label Night of Adeptlabel featuring Tarmac, El Fulminador and Utopyk Jones. Uninterrupted liquid transitions between Dub, House and Techno. Adeptlabel is a new platform for creative electronic music. The label started early in 2012 and soon gained a reputation due to its precise selection of fine high […]

Am.Light – Up then Back [adpt006]

Am.Light - Up then Back [adpt006]

Up then Back by Am.Light is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. [download_drpbx file=”” title=”Up and Back (mp3 320)”][download_drpbx file=”” title=”Up and Back (FLAC)”] I’d rather be cold.

Tarmac – Live At Switch Bar [adpt005]

Tarmac - Live at Switch Bar [adpt005]

Tarmac´s live performance was like A/C for the spirit. You already know that refrigeration works a transfer of heat, and while Tarmac injected a good dose of sonic heat, as an electronic pump…

Tarmac – Moon Landing [adpt003]

Tarmac - Moon Landing [adpt003]

Moon Landing by Tarmac is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. [download_drpbx file=”” title=”Tarmac – Moon Landing (mp3 320)”][download_drpbx file=”” title=”Tarmac – Moon Landing (FLAC)”] I’d rather be cold.

Tarmac – RBMA 2012 [adpt001]

Tarmac - RBMA 2012 [adpt001]

Cuatro cortes impecables, orgánicos, sensitivos y suficientemente vivos como para sentir el pálpito de un nuevo e indefinible progreso. Así de claro o así de sorprendente. TARMAC —y su híper-estimulada concepción sónica— se ha acercado más que nunca a ese impacto perfecto y líquido que desencaja y hace pensar…